Scalp Micropigmentation

Hair loss is one the most uncomfortable things a person has to endure and yes, women go through it too although mainly men suffer through it. There are options out there for those who simply cannot coupe with this life changing occurrence; things such as: toupee, hair transplant, conventional tattoo, and of course wearing a hat at all times. You can be a victim of

  • Male Pattern Baldness
  • Women’s hair loss
  • Alopecia
  • Add Density
  • Cover Up Scars
  • Along with Hair Transplants
  • Repair Bad Treatments

Micropigmentation presents a cheaper and the most amazing solution to this issue. It is a noninvasive, nonsurgical and non-expensive method to have that confidence back that you rested upon your hair. No need to be embarrassed or nervous about your apparel anymore, simply contact us and we will give you an offer you won’t be able to refuse.

Scalp micropigmentation will provide you with a full density look similar to a fresh close-cut hairstyle. It is very hard to tell the difference and you will need a magnifying glass and a full knowledge of how micropigmentation works.

We recommend a lighter treatment at first for you to get a hang of the new change and as you return for the second, we fill the pigment to make it feel and look fuller. Very rarely a third treatment is needed which depends on your skin type, thickness of the skin, age and elasticity of the skin and skin tone.

Scalp Micropigmentation Options:

  • Short hairline (and widowed peak)
  • Adding density to thinning hair and hairline
  • Edge up
  • Underlaying effect (mainly used in women)
  • Hair transplant patients (to cover the scars or fill blanks)
  • Repairing bad scalp micropigmentation treatment

Frequently Asked Questions

Scalp micropigmentation – or SMP as it is commonly known – treatments are usually split over three separate sessions, although the actual time can vary depending on the extent of your hair loss, the style you require, and other factors.
During your treatments with Skulltec, micro needles are used to layer pigment dots on your scalp in a process that resembles getting a tattoo. But SMP is a highly-technical, specialized process performed by our trained technicians. The tiny “dots” of pigment, placed in the dermal layer of skin, create the illusion of a full head of shaved hair, similar to multiple tiny tattoos.
Before your first SMP treatment, at a consultation, you will meet with one of our team who to discuss your requirements, including the shape of your hairline, its positioning, as well as the density and shade of your pigmentation. our Skulltec technicians have been through the process themselves and will be able to give you honest insight into the process and it’s benefits.
During the first session, a tiny wound is created in the skin when each dot is applied. A scab heals over the wound and eventually falls away, taking some of the implanted pigment with it. Furthermore, the immune system attacks the pigments, causing them to shrink. This gradual “fading” of the dots varies from person to person which means you would need multiple sessions to get the required pigment shade.
A patient’s treatment session with Skulltec includes the application of different shades of pigmentation. Different shades are needed to enable some pigment deposits to stand out from among the rest. Lighter pigments are usually applied during the first session, while the next few sessions introduce the applications of darker shades.

The amount of time needed for an SMP treatment varies but the typical first session lasts from three to five hours, while the further sessions usually take less time as the correct blend of density and darkness is achieved on the scalp.

The first experiments with SMP were in the 1970s, but it wasn’t truly developed until 2002. The first general treatment offered to the public took place in 2006.

There are lots of different uses for SMP; it’s not just for treating general balding and hairline recession. It’s also appropriate for burn or surgery-related hair loss, and to conceal hair transplant scars, blemishes, or marks caused by trauma to the skin. It can even used to blend birthmarks into the scalp.

There is no down time or recovery period following SMP treatment, although slight redness on the skin from each tattoo session may last between 24-48 hours. Many patients return to work the next day and the usual time-table between treatments is seven day.