Eyeliner & Lip Colour

The course focuses on inner eyeliner and full lips shading. As lips and eyes are sensitive parts of the body, it is necessary for the students to truly understand how to correctly carry out the shading procedures. This course also highlights the safe usage of aesthetics to prevent any unexpected danger in both lips and eyeliner techniques. We apply a shading technique to cause the least amount of damage to the skin and to make the colors look more natural.

This course does not require you to have any prior experience in order to learn it. Dr. Ashwini and her team will guide you depending on your level and provide all the necessary instructions in order for you to properly perform the technique

Course Details

  • Learning the details of Inner Eyeliner Technique
  • Inner Eyeliner Classic Style
  • Inner Eyeliner Korea Style
  • Inner Eyeliner Elegant Style
  • Aqua Lips
  • 3D Lips Shading
  • The procedure step by step

Demonstration for inner eyeliner and full lips shading will be done by Dr. Ashwini and her team of professional instructors.

  • Familiarize Products and tools
  • Knowledge on different Pigments and its qualities.
  • Knowledge on Inner Eyeliner
  • Knowledge on Full Lips Shading
  • How to measurement Lips shape
  • How to design Inner Eyeliner
  • Color theory
  • How to Suggest and choose the pigments color
  • Knowledge on Skin Structure
  • The Coloring factors
  • Skills and techniques on how to consult before the start of the procedure
  • Key to success
  • Risk and things to avoid before and after the procedure.
  • After care guidelines.

  • The Students will learn the theory and practice all the skills in details
  • The Students will practice on live model on the last day. All with the guidance of master Ashwini and her staff.

  • Course duration : 4 days
  • Time : 10.00 am. – 5.00 pm.

* For more details about the course and fees please call us on  +91 909 601 1800