Professional PMU Full Course


Have you ever had clients who had problems with uneven eyebrows? Or have you ever had clients who wanted to correct the bluish color discoloration of their eyebrows, eyeliners and lips?

As PMU artist we have encountered a lot of clients with these types of problems, but most of us are unaware on how to solve them properly and sometimes try to fix with our own unproven techniques. These techniques can often lead to more problems and cause us to lose our clients and destroy our reputation.

Natural Brows Academy and Dr. Ashwini now offers an advance PMU class that provides the best solution for these common PMU problems.

Course Details

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  • How to Correction Blue Eyebrows, Grey Eyebrows, Red Eyebrows and Purple Eyebrows
  • How to Correction Blue Lips and Purple Lips
  • How to Correction Blue Eyeliner
  • How to Correct the Shape
  • How to recreate and improve undesirable Eyebrows
  • How to Removal in Different techniques

Demonstration for Correction Eyebrows and Removal will be done by Dr. Ashwini and her Team of professional instructors.

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  • Familiarize Products and tools
  • Knowledge on different Pigments and its qualities.
  • Different technique of Removal for PMU
  • Color Mastery theory knowledge
  • How to Suggest and choose the pigments color for correction
  • Knowledge on Skin Structure
  • The Coloring factors
  • Skills and techniques on how to consult before the start of the procedure
  • Key to success
  • Risk and things to avoid before and after the procedure.
  • After care guidelines

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  •  The Students will learn the theory and practice all the skills in details
  •  The Students will practice on live model on the last day. All with the guidance of Dr. Ashwini and her staff.

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  • Course duration : 2 days
  • Time : 10.00 am. – 5.00 pm.


* For more details about the course and fees please call us on  +91 909 601 1800