Tattoo Removal

The treatment could use different types of lasers, such as alexandrite or the q-switch Nd:YAG. At our Dr Ashwini`s, we use the Q-switch laser method. This treatment is considered the most effective for removal of permanent tattoos. The Q-switch laser is a revolutionary technology used for the tattoo removal treatment. The name of the laser comes from the fact that this type of laser machine can produce a pulsed output beam which enables it to produce pulses of very high power.

The high pulse rate and high energy of the Q-switch lasers directly target the externally inserted pigments and break them down. They do not affect the surrounding normal cells. Once the pigment molecules are broken down, they are excreted by the body through normal metabolism. Our dermatologists will guide you properly on pre-care and after-care for this laser treatment. It is useful for deeper as well as superficial tattoos and hence provides quick and visible results. You will require multiple sessions with this treatment. The tattoo will appear lighter in every subsequent session till maximum reversion is achieved.

Professional tattoos could take anything between 5-10 sessions whereas amateur tattoos could be managed in 3-6 sessions. Reversion may not be 100% in all cases. A ghost shadow of the tattoo will almost always continue to be visible, but can easily be covered with cosmetic products.