Welcome to Natural Brows Academy

Natural Brows Academy create beauty through golden intersection proportions We see the perfection in the golden intersection between two extremes. With respect to the modern lifestyle, our studies are designed in such a way to save precious time and provide maximum surveillance and maximum available information at the same time. We know that you can learn everything if the material is divided into small portions that are taught.

Our Story

The wisdom of Dr Ashwini career has created a guideline and inspired the collaboration to establish an institute called Natural Brows Academy. The institute is enriched with a vast understanding of the beauty industry and is presented in specific courses such as Microblading, Permanent Makeup, Eyelash Extensions, Facial Massage, Nail Extensions, Hair Extensions Cosmetology, Skin Aesthetics, Laser, and other courses created by experiences and learning.

At our Institute, we treat our students with the same love and care as if they are a part of our family, every student here does not only learn the techniques and skills required to be a great professional, but also receives the utmost care and guidance of their instructors. Even when they have graduated, they are still respected and loved by our institute and by each Instructors here, just like they are our relatives. This is the kind of relationship that we have always held on to.

When you step into Natural Brows Academy, every teacher is ready to pass on all their knowledge in the same way that “Dr Ashwini” has taught her family. Every teacher here is ready to drive every student to become a completely skilled and knowledgeable professional filled with pride and confidence. It is our pledge that we are ready and determined to hold everyone’s hand and stand with them towards the start of their personal journey to success.

Why Choose Us

  • Latest advance European & Korean techniques using the latest digital Machine
  • Very calm and smooth approach in instructing students
  • Focuses on instructing small groups of 4-5 persons at a time.
  • The Academy’s facilities are designed in a modern classroom atmosphere.
  • Relaxing areas in the lobby for breaks in between classes.
  • We place great emphasis on safety and cleanliness at Natural Brows Academy.
  • We use English as our primary language of instruction for international students and provide course materials in English for our Marathi students as well.
  • All students and clients are treated as family at the Academy.
  • The Academy is easily accessible by several means.
  • Our equipment is all of the highest quality and of a premium level, so the students can use it in their professional careers.
  • Each of our instructors will be able to provide great guidance to all our students.

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