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Natural Brows Academy create beauty through golden intersection proportions We see the perfection in the golden intersection between two extremes. With respect to the modern lifestyle, our studies are designed in such a way to save precious time and provide maximum surveillance and maximum available information at the same time. We know that you can learn everything if the material is divided into small portions that are taught.

1)Dr Ashwini’s is offering the latest advance European & Korean techniques using the latest digital Machine and is one of the most famous and Natural Brows Academy is efficiently beauty teaching institutes in India. The curriculum and its instructors are designed and trained to cater to all international students.

  1. Master Dr Ashwini, who owns and manages the Academy, is a very accomplished and experienced PMU artist. In her career as a Master instructor, she has a mentored and trained numerous successful professional artists all around the world. She is very professional with her students and has always taken a very calm and smooth approach in instructing her students, a method which has always produced great results.

3)The Academy focuses on instructing small groups of 4-5 persons at a time. This provides a great, intimate learning atmosphere that ensures that each student is provided the best guidance during the entire duration of the course.

4). The Academy’s facilities are designed in a modern classroom atmosphere. Each classroom is separated from one another.

5)The Academy has provided relaxing areas in the lobby for breaks in between classes and have provided free coffee and snacks that are available all day.

6). The Academy located in a shopping mall area. This provides convenience and accessibility to shops and restaurants for the students and clients to enjoy.

7)Natural Brows Academy is extremely strict and gives great importance to its safety and cleanliness systems. We always make sure we meet and follow the international standards precautions when teaching and providing service. Our team of instructors have all completed the “Bloodborne Pathogens” course, which is the standard safety course of OSHA or public health authorities. This safety course is an essential requirement to work as a PMU artist.

8). To provide the best experience for our international students, we use English as our method of instruction and our course books are written in English language. For our Local Marathi students, we also provide the courses in Marathi Hindi Language.

9)The Academy treats all its students and clients like family. Dr Ashwini has always installed great values of creating great relationships and has always cared deeply for everyone who has been part of the Academy.

10) The Academy can be conveniently reached by several means. Students and clients can ride a Taxi, bus or boat.

11). All our courses include the equipment’s and materials that the students need.  All the equipment’s provided are Premium level and of the highest quality which can be used by the students in their professional career.

12) Our instructors will provide great guidance to all our students. Every instructor of the Academy is trained to patiently give the best step by step instruction for every part of a lesson, for the student …

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Our Clients Say

AMAZING experience!!! I was so impressed with the level of training you receive with this program. Dr Ashwini were the most helpful. I am looking forward to using everything I learned to move forward and build my own successful business. Thank you, ladies, for all your help. Highly recommend this program and I will be returning to continue my education and training.

Dr Supriya Vaidhya

I started with their basic microblading course and it was amazing. Dr Ashwini is so lovely, always replies so quickly and motivates you so much! I have since completed my advanced microblading training course and plan to take more training with Natural Brows Academy! I can’t thank Dr Ashwini enough for everything she’s done to help me with my microblading career.

Dr Swati Samudra

This palace is the best for learning permanent makeup! Dr Ashwini is an amazing teacher and mentor. She makes feel so comfortable and confident that the skill can be achievable. Practicing social distancing and cleanliness, professionalism is top priority.

Dr Yogita Rohkale